pop over and see what they have this time 🙂



he’s doing it again – even if you aren’t into rubberstamping and the whole scrapbook thing you got to love all the tech. he uses – so transferable to mixed media pcs. so go check it out

and on top of that there are lots of giveaways – you can’t beat that 🙂

sock doll swap :)

Sock dolls are just fun so when Craftster.org had a swap I had to join

look what I got from MareMare! isn’t he cute! my bad little dog of course thinks he should get this but no it’s up high and safe in the craft room. 🙂

and now that she has her doll I can post what I made – it’s just a critter but I’m happy with how he turned out – would make a good doll for a baby without the buttons – it’s so soft and easy to grab.

look what I won!!!

so very cool – got a while ago but just now got a good pic of it!  And guess where I won this goodie – Yes over at sweet b folkart  – go check out her work  🙂

<a href=”http://sweetbfolkart.blogspot.com/2009/10/first-annual-sweet-b-blog-buffet.html”>http://sweetbfolkart.blogspot.com</a>

Etsy Fort Worth

is having a giveaway – bit late on this – today is the last day!!!
so hurry over so you can enter – click on the tag to the right or here http://www.etsyfortworth.com/ 🙂

Fairy Godmothers

There is a fairy godmother swap over at www.Craftster.og – so much fun – so why not a chunky page swap over at www.atcsforall.com  – so I’m hosting one – here is a page I made for it. 4×4 before the chunky is added.


new class

there are a few blogs I try to check every week – Blueskysunburns (http://www.blueskysunburn.com/)    is one – she is taking a new online class and of course because I’m just not busy enough with the two online classes I’m taking, swaps at two sites and working full time – I go to see if it’s something I might like to try too.

it is but I’m going to wait a bit because there is some free bits that you should do first


looks very interesting and I was reading it over – when I got to day three and found this bit that rings so true

Allow your art to be silly. Allow your art to be ugly… ugly doesn’t mean it is bad. Art doesn’t have to be pretty, impress your friends, or match your bedroom set. Allow your art to be whatever it wants to be. Only when you listen to that “true” voice will your art begin to come alive.

So check it out – good stuff there 🙂             http://www.souljournaling.com/prompts.php