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I was going to start posting more but got sick as a dog (why do people say that – must look that up) been sick since Jan 9th now – really think it’s turned into walking pneumonia – of course the doctor has been treating for other things – got another call in for new pills and if they aren’t what I need I may need to let my husband drag me off to the ER like he’s been wanting to do for a week now.

anyways I do have new art to post (just not the energy to do it yet – did get my book off in time to the sketchbook project – just waiting to hear if they have it – fingers crossed.

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art everyday

I have something to post but haven’t uploaded it yet – the Blog for all this is at


robbygirl is heading it up and doing all the work – fab blog – check it out 🙂

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Abstract Fabric atc

My craft (hubby knows it as the spare bedroom) room is a huge mess and I should have been cleaning it up – it’s a wonder hubby hasn’t said anything yet being the clean freak that he is but we all know it’s more fun to make art sooooo that is what I did this past Sunday

this is for a abstract fabric swap I’m hosting over at www.atcforall.com


Also so excited to see a fellow member of craftster and atcforall get in Cloth Paper & Scissors  – Debi Babcock – better known to fellow swappers as babbetto – so go over and check out her blog and those sweet little houses of hers over at her etsy 🙂


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pop over and see what they have this time 🙂


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he’s doing it again – even if you aren’t into rubberstamping and the whole scrapbook thing you got to love all the tech. he uses – so transferable to mixed media pcs. so go check it out

and on top of that there are lots of giveaways – you can’t beat that 🙂

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Etsy Fort Worth

is having a giveaway – bit late on this – today is the last day!!!
so hurry over so you can enter – click on the tag to the right or here http://www.etsyfortworth.com/ 🙂

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Another Fab giveaway

was blog jumping again and what do I find? just a way cool halloween candy store 🙂


and there is a giveaway – such orginal crafts – you have to see the surpised pumkin pie – it’s too cute.

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