lemurkat over at atcsforall.com is raising money for her hometown of Christchurch – they had another huge earthquake – taken from her blog

February 22, 2011 was New Zealand’s Darkest Day. The second largest city, the “Garden City” of Christchurch, suffered a powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake. Heritage buildings were destroyed, lives were lost and the many were left homeless.

Here you are able to “purchase” original art by a selection of artists, by making a donation to the Red Cross Earthquake fund.

I’m working on something for her to post – if you like to donate either artwork or buy some go see her blog at


Fun new Art Site

Friends I know from atcsforall.com have joined up and started new fun shop and art site


check it out – fun place and plans to grow into all kinds of wonderful things.

The current Wonderstrange Arts site offers retail shops, but we also offer a creative blog, where visitors can find free downloads and tutorials, regularly updated and expanded by all five of us. We really hope that our ideas and giveaways on the blog will make you regular visitors to the site—and you can sign up for automatic updates via email.

Down the road, we plan to create a wonderful online bazaar atmosphere at Wonderstrange Arts, where we will host seasonal online art festivals, creativity retreats, and occasional artists-in-residence. We’re starting small, but we anticipate growing this little sideshow into a virtual three-ring circus. Come on over and take a peek—and if you like what you see, bookmark our site! We’ll be adding inventory and blog posts all the time. We hope to see you there!

I was going to start posting more but got sick as a dog (why do people say that – must look that up) been sick since Jan 9th now – really think it’s turned into walking pneumonia – of course the doctor has been treating for other things – got another call in for new pills and if they aren’t what I need I may need to let my husband drag me off to the ER like he’s been wanting to do for a week now.

anyways I do have new art to post (just not the energy to do it yet – did get my book off in time to the sketchbook project – just waiting to hear if they have it – fingers crossed.

art everyday

I have something to post but haven’t uploaded it yet – the Blog for all this is at


robbygirl is heading it up and doing all the work – fab blog – check it out 🙂

a year has passed

well a little over a year – saw a thread over at atcforall.com on doing something creative each day by Robbygirl (http://www.atcsforall.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17805)   so trying to do better this year and do that plus post at least once a week on what I’ve done <g>

Got a lot of art stuff done over New Years weekend. Working on a journal pages for the Sketchbook Project – talk about waiting till the last min but that seems to be how I work.


here’s a couple of pages that a nearly done – still need to cut them down, line them and makes pages out of them

fabric base with gel medium transparency transfers and watered down paints in layers. not sure if I’ll sew on these – still thinking on that part of it.

Abstract Fabric atc

My craft (hubby knows it as the spare bedroom) room is a huge mess and I should have been cleaning it up – it’s a wonder hubby hasn’t said anything yet being the clean freak that he is but we all know it’s more fun to make art sooooo that is what I did this past Sunday

this is for a abstract fabric swap I’m hosting over at www.atcforall.com


Also so excited to see a fellow member of craftster and atcforall get in Cloth Paper & Scissors  – Debi Babcock – better known to fellow swappers as babbetto – so go over and check out her blog and those sweet little houses of hers over at her etsy 🙂


pop over and see what they have this time 🙂